Our guided tours

We have several itineraries for visiting our Region. Here is a selection of proposals:

CLASSIC GUIDED TOUR: a visit to discover the most important and picturesque sites, monuments and views.
TREKKING TOUR: wear comfortable shoes and clothes and be ready to have an instructive and sportive walk at the same time; an interesting tour with a wider range than a classic guided tour which will lead you to discover interesting places and monuments.
DRAMA TOUR: our cities and towns are the perfect setting for an alternative guided tour led by more than one guide. This tour will arouse your inner feelings and emotions and you will be immersed in the art and history of the places you will visit.

TAILOR-MADE TOUR: with a bit of fantasy and based on your requests, we can tailor any kind of tour you wish. Whether you have a favourite historical period, an artist or a particular topic or if your group has any special characteristics (such as a group of elderly people, students or a company tour).
FOOD AND WINE TOURS: you will be guided along itineraries and to places where you can enjoy local products and their unique taste. Here are a few suggestions: The Prosecco Road between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, the radicchio of Treviso and Castelfranco, the authentic Tiramisù in the historical city of Treviso, the Colli Euganei Wine Road in Padua, the famous stockfish of Vicenza, Valpolicella wines, Fish in the Rodigino Valley. Tours are sometimes connected with seasonal products like cherries (Cherry Tour in Maser and Marostica), chestnuts and others.
FIRST WORLD WAR TOURS: Tours to the battlefields of World War One: from the River Piave to the Montello, Mount Grappa, along the Brenta valley, the Feltre mountains and down to the Lagoon, not forgetting the Asiago plateau, Tonezza del Cimone, Cadore and the Eastern Dolomites.

TREASURE HUNT: A traditional game transformed into a new, funny way to visit a town! For adults and children.
VENETIAN VILLAS: a tour during which you will discover some of the most important Venetian Villas, a heritage of the history and civilization of Venice. More than 4,000 sites spread all over the region are a witness to the unique “Civiltà di Villa”.
EXTRAS: on request, at an extra cost double language, hotel pick-up, drop-off, etc.