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Its location in the heart of Valbelluna, surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Dolomites...

...charmed the Celts who called it "Belo-dunum" or splendid hill. The Dolomites have been declared a World Heritage by Unesco and the town has been likened to a pearl encrusted in the rocks caressed by the waters of the river Piave; it is a surprising town with harmonious spaces, numerous fountains and Venetian style buildings, sign of an antique dominion. Beautiful buildings such as the Palace of the Rectors, the Palace of Justice, the old Bishop’s palace, and the Red Palace overlook the Piazza del Duomo.
The old Roman Decumano leads to the baroque St. Peter’s Church which houses the works of artists such as Andrea Brustolon, Andrea Schiavone and Sebastiano Ricci. Piazza dei Martiri is surrounded by palaces and porticos; in the square there is St. Rocco’s Church and nearby the picturesque St. Stephen’s Church, in Italian gothic style, the Loggia dei Ghibellini and the Monte di Pietà in the lively Piazza delle Erbe, site of the local market.

Duration of a guided tour in Belluno: 2 hours

To taste...

Lamon beans and Pastin, sausage meat mixed with herbs and spices, cooked in a pan or grilled.

To see in the province of Belluno...

Pieve di Cadore: it is a quaint town and is the birthplace of the great painter Tiziano Vecellio; here you can visit his birth house.

Feltre: a picturesque walled town with the characteristic frescoed facades from the 16th century, worth a visit are the Duomo and the wonderful Piazza Maggiore, overlooked by the suggestive "Alboin Castle".

Cortina d’Ampezzo:  the pearl of the Dolomites, known worldwide for its landscapes and breathtaking views; the town is the centre of culture and tradition of the Ampezzo Valley.

Cibiana di Cadore: “the town that tells its story” through its wall paintings that illustrate the local lifestyle, arts and crafts.